Paolo M. Pasicolan Esq.

Miles & Stockbridge P.C.
Pasicolan, Paolo M.

Mr. Pasicolan focuses his practice at Miles & Stockbridge P.C. on executive compensation, employee benefits, tax, and ERISA litigation. His clients include large and small, private and public, foreign and domestic companies, partnerships, LLCs, non-profit organizations, governmental entities, churches, plan fiduciaries, and individuals. Paolo has represented buyers, sellers, lenders, borrowers, and underwriters on ERISA, compensation, and benefit matters in hundreds of mergers, acquisitions, and financings.  He received his  B.A. from Ateneo de Manila University and his J.D. from the University of Maryland School of Law.  He is also a member of Maryland Bar and the District of Columbia Bar.

Mr. Pasicolan is a co-author of Bloomberg BNA Corporate Practice Portfolio Series No. 75-2nd, Stock Options and Other Equity-Based Compensation Arrangements. The title is also available as part of the Bloomberg BNA Securities Practice Portfolio Series (No. 239).  This portfolio outlines and analyzes the tax, corporate, securities, and accounting considerations that are relevant when establishing and maintaining an equity-based compensation plan. The type of plans analyzed include: stock option plans (involving both nonqualified and incentive stock options); employee stock purchase plans; restricted stock plans; phantom equity arrangements; and performance shares or units programs.  The tax considerations for both the employer and the employee are discussed. Fiduciary duty concerns involving directors and shareholder approval requirements are also analyzed.