Robert Doty Esq.


Robert Doty is president and proprietor of AGFS, a private company providing consulting and forensic analysis services to counsel and others relating to state and local government securities. He has been involved in the municipal securities market for over 40 years. Mr. Doty has served as General Counsel to the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA); member of the Board of Governors and a recipient of the Municipal Industry Contribution Award of the National Federation of Municipal Analysts (NFMA); Co-Chair of the Section on Economic Development/Finance & Securities of the International Municipal Lawyers Association (IMLA) and a recipient of the Association's Most Valuable Associate Member Award; officer and member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Independent Public Finance Advisors, and officer of committees of the National Association of Bond Lawyers (NABL) and the American Bar Association (ABA).

Mr. Doty has worked as a financial advisor, investment banker, bond counsel, underwriter counsel, issuer counsel, trustee counsel and corporate counsel in several billions of dollars of financing transactions benefiting a wide variety of issuers, borrowers and other clients in approximately two dozen states. He was a member of a U.S. delegation to China to discuss public finance concepts with Chinese officials. Mr. Doty is a contributor as a member of drafting committees regarding numerous recognized municipal market guidance publications of GFOA, NABL/ABA, NFMA, IMLA and the California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission, and is the author of several books and more than 80 articles on municipal finance and securities law, including The Bloomberg Visual Guide to Municipal Bonds.

He is a graduate of Harvard Law School.

Mr. Doty is the author of Bloomberg BNA Securities Practice Portfolio Series No. 212, Municipal Securities Law & Practice: Regulation, Disclosure and Enforcement.