Gregory P. Belanger Esq.

Belanger & Rae PLLC
Belanger, Gregory P.

Mr. Belanger is an expert in the areas of national security, compliance, and international law. He has more than 25 years of domestic and international experience in leadership, law, compliance, investigations, litigation, and sensitive intelligence-based operations.  He has proven experience in leading legal services organizations overseas within the United States Navy, and as a General Counsel of a large, multinational private security company. Extensive expertise in immigration law associated with alien investor applications (EB-5), international law, criminal litigation, admiralty litigation, taxation and regulatory law. You can follow Mr. Belanger on LinkedIn.

Co-author of BBNA Corporate Practice Portfolio Series No. 103, Corporate Compliance: Building a World-Class Borderless Ethics Compliance Program.

Mr. Belanger has created forms that can be found with the labor and employment focused practical guidance on Bloomberg Law’s Labor and Employment Practice Center.